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S11 8YE

Surreal, beautiful limited edition illustrations, hand printed onto sustainable apparel. Independent, artist run business. Design influenced by the possibilities of the mind with an awareness that includes not excludes. Eco and ethical morals, investing in bamboo and other alternative and more sustainable fabrics which will stand the test of time. Quality over quantity every time!





The drive behind BODHIKAH is art, the practice and performance of art in whichever from it takes. I wish to develop and expand my practice as a meditation and to delve into the conscious and unconscious. With the inspiration of the surrealists and the skill of an artisan I will bring you treasures and visions of the abstracted and mystic.



BODHIKAH's illustrative style is a constant enquiry into the possibilities and nuances of drawing.  Drawing as a practice of being and of describing the world in which we find ourselves. It is a reflection of individual experience and the play between mind and pen.


Unleash the subconscious, unhinge from the boundaries of form and let go into surreality.