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S11 8YE

Surreal, beautiful limited edition illustrations, hand printed onto sustainable apparel. Independent, artist run business. Design influenced by the possibilities of the mind with an awareness that includes not excludes. Eco and ethical morals, investing in bamboo and other alternative and more sustainable fabrics which will stand the test of time. Quality over quantity every time!






Born in London, United Kingdom to Chinese parents; John Chan (Swolf) was influenced and inspired by his surrounding environment from a young age. His talent for creativity quickly manifested into virtuoso paintbrush wielding, through which he now crafts stunning portrayals of emotion through the human face. "As a child, I had this idea of being able to see through other people's eyes, imagining what it would feel like to be in their shoes. I later learned that this was ‘empathy’. I prefer to be grounded in a raw conception of the subject, which usually manifests through working with strangers or acquaintances.” Swolf has been producing portraits since 2010. He primarily uses acrylic mediums on either canvas or wood panel, but also works on ‘scrap’ objects he finds in his surrounding environment. His approach is a balance of realism & surrealism. Brush strokes permeate the haunting affliction of the subject’s soul; teasing of a juxtaposition between depression and resilience, through the thin veil of outstanding beauty.






SWOLF is available to take on commissions in the areas of:

Painting and Murals.